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Phlebotomy (Frequently Asked Questions & Answers)

What is phlebotomy?

Phlebotomy is the act of drawing blood from a vein, capillary or artery. The blood collected is then sent for laboratory analysis or used in blood transfusions after it has been screened for quality purposes. There are instances where minute quantities of blood are needed for testing. In these cases, finger-pricks and heel-pricks are performed. Finger-pricks and heel-pricks are usually performed on infants, whose tiny veins are too small and delicate for collection through a vein. Phlebotomy is a very important aspect of the health care industry. When blood is collected for testing it is usually used to detect diseases such as cancer, hepatitis, HIV and others. It can even detect allergies. Blood donation is also an important part of the phlebotomy and the health care field. Blood collected and then used in blood transfusions can be life-saving in some situations, such as severe loss of blood due to trauma.

What is a phlebotomist or a phlebotomy technician?

A phlebotomist or a phlebotomy technician is a professional in the health care field who specializes in the practice of phlebotomy. The phlebotomist’s primary role is the collection of blood from patients and the preparation of blood samples for laboratory analysis or blood donation. Through formal education, and from experience learned on the job at a medical facility, phlebotomists are well trained to perform phlebotomy. Patient care is a very important aspect of being a phlebotomist as well as having great interpersonal skills needed to ensure quality care is …