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Phlebotomist Salary – What Can You Expect in a Phlebotomy Career?

Top Salary for the In-demand Medical Phlebotomist Jobs …

The only way to begin making a top phlebotomist salary is to have a solid plan for pursuing a career as a phlebotomist. The salary levels will vary based on where you live in the country, the lab, hospital or clinic for which you work, and your level of education and training that you have. It’s difficult to change where you live but you have more options when it comes to where you work and your level of education and training that you have.

According to a recent survey by the American Society for Clinical Pathology the top annual phlebotomist salary earners were professionals in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming, working at private clinics or reference laboratories making approximately $14 per hour. If you are considering moving to one of these states to optimize your phlebotomist salary then you should do a cost of living comparison (apartment rent, utilities, gas, local state taxes, etc and a phlebotomist salary comparison between the two states. California is a top phlebotomist salary state but it is also the most expensive state to live in the US. You may be able to afford much more in a state where the cost of living is lower like Oklahoma.

An entry level phlebotomist will make an entry level pay rate. The average entry level phlebotomist salary is approximately $29,000. To help yourself get a top phlebotomist salary …

Phlebotomy Courses Online: The Advantages and Requirements for Online Classes

Selecting the right school is very important when getting an education. Many schools out there make promises of a quality education and high marketability after graduation. However, not all educational facilities are accredited…

Accreditation is key when it comes to getting an education. Accreditation means that the phlebotomy school offers a quality education that is approved by many state phlebotomy accreditation agencies.

Many traditional on campus schools are realizing the importance of extending their on campus phlebotomy programs online. Students receive a comparable education from the same accredited schools that also offer the traditional education route. Many more schools are following this online trend and offering phlebotomy courses online.

The Online Experience:

There has never been a better time to get an education than now. No longer do potential phlebotomists have to choose between working and getting their degrees. Online phlebotomy courses offer a high level of rigor in the curriculum so that students can begin taking classes to work toward their careers as phlebotomists. There is no need to worry about getting a job after graduation because employers realize and appreciate the quality of an online education.

Online courses needed to become a Phlebotomist are offered at various times during the years. Phlebotomy students have more freedom in getting their education online than they have with the traditional on campus education route. Becoming a phlebotomist by taking courses online is one of the fastest ways to get an education, and it has many more advantages than in a …

What’s Needed to Pass the Phlebotomy Certification Exam?

Just about every career has a certification examination that many people choose to take, and phlebotomists are not exceptions to the rule…

The phlebotomy certification exam tests the tester’s ability to practice phlebotomy. Some choose to participate in phlebotomy review courses to increase their chances of passing the certification exam. Although gaining certification is not always mandatory, it is a good idea to have the certification for many reasons. One reason is that certified phlebotomists can earn anywhere between 3% and 5% more than phlebotomists who are not certified.

Exam Review Synopsis:

The phlebotomy review prepares students to prove their skills and knowledge in all areas of phlebotomy including a phlebotomist’s knowledge of laboratory procedures. Many use the Phlebotomy Review Guide (right-click mouse: “Save Link As…” to save the PDF file to your computer) as a way to prepare for the certification examination. The study guide is comprehensive, and some believe that it guarantees success on examination day.

The exam review encompasses all of the knowledge and skills learned in the phlebotomy courses. The main focus of the review is in the areas of specimen collection, anatomy and physiology, and laboratory operations and specimen processing. The exam review contains hundreds of possible questions that are the same types of questions contained on the actual examination. The questions may include true or false, matching, and multiple-choice questions.

The creators of the Phlebotomy Review Guide created these questions with the intention of structuring these questions after the ones used on the NAACLS …

The Importance of Choosing the Right Phlebotomy Schools

It is not hard to find phlebotomy schools these days. It seems like new schools pop up everywhere…

Just because schools make promises of a quality education does not mean that they can truly deliver what they promise. The reality to the situation is that schools of phlebotomy will make just about any promise that they believe will prompt students to enroll in their phlebotomy training programs. It is up to each individual to research various schools to determine which phlebotomy association provides the greatest amount of opportunities for them.

The Benefits of Choosing Exceptional Phlebotomy Schools:

Phlebotomists play a very important role in the field of medicine. Their jobs require a great amount of skill and patience to collect blood samples, work with patients, and collect specimens. Attending an exceptional school ensures that program graduates offer employers the best that the graduating classes has to offer. Every employer who hires phlebotomists wants to have the employees with the highest level of skill possible.

The best phlebotomy associations usually have the best staff that the field has to offer. The top accredited programs can afford to employ skilled professionals that can offer a high level of field related experience to each phlebotomy student. Experienced personnel have handled many difficult situations regarding blood and specimen collection so they offer the best opportunities to learn to students who want to enter the healthcare field.

Top associations are accredited by the top certifying agencies in the country. Accredited phlebotomy schools prepare students for …

What Type of Phlebotomy Training Is Needed to Become a Phlebotomist?

The services of a phlebotomist are greatly appreciated by patients everywhere…

This specialized area of the healthcare field takes a significant amount of skill and dedication to carry out. Many people are looking to get into the in-demand medical field in healthcare, but they’re not quite sure how, the requirements or the job responsibilities. Once such medical job position is in – Phlebotomy – it offers offers a very easy entrance, a stable career with an easy going work enviroment and Phlebotomists are generally appreciated by their patients. Also, there are many Phlebotomy Schools or insitutions that offer training courses – and compare to other medical training programs – Phlebotomy Training Courses are not that long…

What Is a Phlebotomist?

A phlebotomist is a member of the healthcare field who is responsible for extracting blood from patients. They must also mark the samples with field related identification makers and preserve the samples before sending these samples to a laboratory for a lab technician to analyze and test. Although the work seems really simple, it does require a great deal of specialized training or skill to perform this job.

During phlebotomy training, it is very important that the professionals that teach these courses emphasis the importance of the careful handling of blood samples. Blood carries diseases so it is possible that a phlebotomist can contract a disease if he or she is not very careful during the collection process. Blood can also become contaminated if it is not handled with a …

Phlebotomy Jobs: Why You Should Think About Becoming A Certified Phlebotomist

Phlebotomist Jobs Are In High Demand In the Health Care Industry:

A phlebotomist is a health care professional who is responsible for the the act of drawing blood from a vein (venipuncture) or through fingersticks. This procedure is called phlebotomy and phlebotomist help to reduce the workload of doctors and nurses by focusing exclusively on collecting blood. In today’s current economy, getting a new job that pays a decent salary is harder than ever with the exception of some areas like phlebotomist jobs.

Phlebotomist jobs are definitely worth considering as those who begin working as phlebotomist have advancement opportunities to positions such as: senior phlebotomist, lab supervisors, or even cord blood phlebotomists who will arrange to go to the privacy of patients homes to collect and preserve stem cells from cord blood and adult peripheral blood. This includes collection of stem cells from the placenta and the umbilical cord shortly after delivery a baby. In addition phlebotomist jobs offers a very competitive salary and members are a valued part of the medical staff.

Phlebotomists work in many health care environments such as health clinics, hospitals, doctor’s offices, independent labs, plasma centers, public health clinics, etc. Basically, trained phlebotomists will be needed anywhere blood is drawn for either testing or donation. Phlebotomist jobs are in high demand especially in large medical facilities such as hospitals and in centers where individuals go to donate blood. Some health care facilities are so busy that they offer phlebotomy services round-the-clock, seven …