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Phlebotomy (Frequently Asked Questions & Answers)

What is phlebotomy?

Phlebotomy is the act of drawing blood from a vein, capillary or artery. The blood collected is then sent for laboratory analysis or used in blood transfusions after it has been screened for quality purposes. There are instances where minute quantities of blood are needed for testing. In these cases, finger-pricks and heel-pricks are performed. Finger-pricks and heel-pricks are usually performed on infants, whose tiny veins are too small and delicate for collection through a vein. Phlebotomy is a very important aspect of the health care industry. When blood is collected for testing it is usually used to detect diseases such as cancer, hepatitis, HIV and others. It can even detect allergies. Blood donation is also an important part of the phlebotomy and the health care field. Blood collected and then used in blood transfusions can be life-saving in some situations, such as severe loss of blood due to trauma.

What is a phlebotomist or a phlebotomy technician?

A phlebotomist or a phlebotomy technician is a professional in the health care field who specializes in the practice of phlebotomy. The phlebotomist’s primary role is the collection of blood from patients and the preparation of blood samples for laboratory analysis or blood donation. Through formal education, and from experience learned on the job at a medical facility, phlebotomists are well trained to perform phlebotomy. Patient care is a very important aspect of being a phlebotomist as well as having great interpersonal skills needed to ensure quality care is …

Phlebotomist Salary – What Can You Expect in a Phlebotomy Career?

Top Salary for the In-demand Medical Phlebotomist Jobs …

The only way to begin making a top phlebotomist salary is to have a solid plan for pursuing a career as a phlebotomist. The salary levels will vary based on where you live in the country, the lab, hospital or clinic for which you work, and your level of education and training that you have. It’s difficult to change where you live but you have more options when it comes to where you work and your level of education and training that you have.

According to a recent survey by the American Society for Clinical Pathology the top annual phlebotomist salary earners were professionals in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming, working at private clinics or reference laboratories making approximately $14 per hour. If you are considering moving to one of these states to optimize your phlebotomist salary then you should do a cost of living comparison (apartment rent, utilities, gas, local state taxes, etc and a phlebotomist salary comparison between the two states. California is a top phlebotomist salary state but it is also the most expensive state to live in the US. You may be able to afford much more in a state where the cost of living is lower like Oklahoma.

An entry level phlebotomist will make an entry level pay rate. The average entry level phlebotomist salary is approximately $29,000. To help yourself get a top phlebotomist salary …

Phlebotomy Jobs: Why You Should Think About Becoming A Certified Phlebotomist

Phlebotomist Jobs Are In High Demand In the Health Care Industry:

A phlebotomist is a health care professional who is responsible for the the act of drawing blood from a vein (venipuncture) or through fingersticks. This procedure is called phlebotomy and phlebotomist help to reduce the workload of doctors and nurses by focusing exclusively on collecting blood. In today’s current economy, getting a new job that pays a decent salary is harder than ever with the exception of some areas like phlebotomist jobs.

Phlebotomist jobs are definitely worth considering as those who begin working as phlebotomist have advancement opportunities to positions such as: senior phlebotomist, lab supervisors, or even cord blood phlebotomists who will arrange to go to the privacy of patients homes to collect and preserve stem cells from cord blood and adult peripheral blood. This includes collection of stem cells from the placenta and the umbilical cord shortly after delivery a baby. In addition phlebotomist jobs offers a very competitive salary and members are a valued part of the medical staff.

Phlebotomists work in many health care environments such as health clinics, hospitals, doctor’s offices, independent labs, plasma centers, public health clinics, etc. Basically, trained phlebotomists will be needed anywhere blood is drawn for either testing or donation. Phlebotomist jobs are in high demand especially in large medical facilities such as hospitals and in centers where individuals go to donate blood. Some health care facilities are so busy that they offer phlebotomy services round-the-clock, seven …